How to make Jimami Tofu (Japanese Jiggly Peanut Tofu)


Jimami Tofu is a local dish of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

Only 3 ingredients♪ Easy to make with potato starch A chunky, rich peanut tofu.

Jimami means peanuts in Okinawan dialect💡
The peanut flavor is concentrated and the texture is chewy! Once you try it, you’ll be hooked.
very tasty!😋

How to make jimami tofu

Ingredients (about 4 servings)

  • Raw peanuts… 100g
  • Potato starch …30g
  • water …300cc
  • Pinch of salt …1 pinch (to taste)
  • Squeezing cloth



Soak raw peanuts in water overnight. After soaking overnight, remove the thin skin cleanly.

ジーマ―ミ豆腐 水に一晩漬けて皮を剥こう
Thinly peeled raw peanuts

1.Put thinly peeled raw peanuts and water in a blender and run the blender for about 1 minute.

ジーマ―ミ豆腐 ピーナッツをミキサーで細かくする

2.Strain the paste (1) through a cloth and put it in a pan.

ジーマ―ミ豆腐 布でこして搾る

3.Add potato starch to the pot and mix until there are no lumps. Knead over low heat for 20 to 30 minutes until glossy. Transfer to a bat and remove from heat, then chill in the refrigerator to complete the dish.

ジーマ―ミ豆腐 タレをかけて完成
Serve with soy sauce, wasabi, molasses, etc. as desired.

Tips for making gi-marmi tofu

Dissolve the potato starch first. If you put the tofu on the fire before it is melted, it will become lumpy.

The more you knead, the tastier the tofu will be.

The leftover peanuts can be used as okara (bean curd) in a variety of dishes.

Here are the products used to make Jimami Tofu

Nakateyutaka (raw peanuts) [without shells]

Nakateyutaka is a variety of dried, fresh peanut that is large, attractive, crisp, and suitable for a variety of dishes. Jimami Tofu becomes very rich with Japanese Chiba peanuts!
It can also be used in a variety of dishes.

Recipes using peanut leftover. Japanese okara roll.

Peanut okara left over after making jimami-tofu can be easily rearranged to make a delicious side dish… Mix peanut okara with ground chicken, soybeans, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and shiso and roll in fried bean curd to complete the dish!


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