How to make Miso Peanuts [School Lunch Menu for Chiba of Japan!]


What are Miso Peanuts?

A familiar taste to Chiba Prefecture residents, peanuts are heated to a fragrant state and mixed with sweet miso paste, that is Miso Peanuts!
Miso peanuts are usually served in school lunches at elementary schools in Chiba Prefecture, and the sweet and spicy miso goes well with white rice. Of course, some people eat them as they are.

What to prepare

peeled peanuts・・・・・・170g
Sugar: ・・・・・・・70g
Miso paste: ・・・・・・・60g
white sesame seeds ・・・・・・ 1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon salad oil ・・・・・
Mirin ・・・・・・・ 1 tablespoon

These are the only ingredients.

How to make

1. Roast raw peanuts in a frying pan with salad oil.

2. Stir with chopsticks or shake the pan over low heat so as not to burn them.

3. Roast slowly for about 15 minutes.

The heat should be about this low.

The color will change as it roasts.

4. Break one or two pieces and when they are roasted to the center, add miso, sugar and mirin (sweet sake).

It looks like this.

5. Put it on a bowl and sprinkle sesame seeds. It is ready.


This time, I used Nakateyutaka raw peanuts because they are relatively large and have more impact. The spiciness varies depending on the miso used, so try making it several times to find the one you like best. You can also mix the sesame seeds together at the time of 4 without sprinkling them.

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