New Year’s Greetings and Reopening of Business [2024].

Happy New Year! Thank you very much for visiting Suzuichi, a peanut specialty store. We will resume normal business operations today, January 4.

Last year, peanuts in Chiba Prefecture had a large variation in the quality of raw materials due to the summer sunshine. We feel that it will be a year in which the quality of peanuts will vary greatly depending on the peanut manufacturer that commercializes the peanuts. Of course, we at Suzuichi Shoten promise to deliver good quality peanuts again this year.

In addition, our store has been renovated with new exterior walls and interior , and the store has become more beautiful. We have received comments from customers who visited our store that it has become “cooler” and “brighter and nicer. If you are ever in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture, please be sure to stop by the Suzuichi store.

This year, we will continue to take on challenges outside the norm and strive to deliver not only delicious food, but also value that goes beyond that. We look forward to your continued patronage this year.

January 4, 2024
Suzuichi, a peanut specialty store
Representative: Ryuta Suzuki

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Suzuichi, a peanut specialty store, was founded in 1882. It is located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, famous for its peanuts. We bring you real primary information from the peanut growing, manufacturing, and sales, from the field of peanut production!