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Would you like to try some really tasty peanuts?

Let us make that desire come true.

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Welcome to Suzuichi, a peanut specialty store.

We have been in business since 1882 in search of truly delicious peanuts.

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And now, we have received comments such as, SUZUICHI’s peanuts are delicious.

April 18, 2022

Nippon Television Network Corporation, “Hirunandesu”

October 15, 2016


“Burabura Saturday”
“Ariyoshi-kun no Shojiki Sanpo”

May 20, 2015

Nippon Television Network Corporation “PON!”

January 2007 issue

“dancyu” magazine

Chiba Prefecture Excellent Prefectural Product Recommendation

Recommended by Kisarazu City Tourism Association

There are many others.

Why is it delicious? The reason is

Chiba Prefecture is the most famous peanut producing area in Japan. The land in Chiba is covered with volcanic ash, which grows peanuts with a very rich flavor compared to other areas.

In the peanut kingdom Chiba, many peanut farmers and peanut manufacturers have been engaged in friendly competition in this blessed land.

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At peanuts speciality shop Suzuichi, the long-established roasting method that maximizes flavor and aroma, the “cut surface method”.

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Established in 1882. We received an award from the Governor of Chiba Prefecture and were selected as one of the three best peanut shops in the peanuts kingdom Chiba of Japan.

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Japanese Chiba peanuts are available at reasonable prices.

We purchase peanuts directly from farmers and manufacture them efficiently in our own peanut factory. We deliver our products at factory-direct prices.

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We value each and every one of our customers. We will continue to create a store that satisfies all of our customers.

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We hope you too will experience the truly delicious Japanese Chiba peanuts.

Thank you for reading to the end.
We hope you enjoyed our peanuts!

“I want to try it first!”  ”Which one do you recommend?”

If you are wondering ,We recommend the following two products. We are sure you will like them.

Popular Products Assortment Set
A collection of the most popular peanuts from Suzuichi, a peanut specialty store. You can enjoy five different flavors for about 30 days.

[Free Shipping] [Mailing Service] First-time, Web-only Trial Set
For those who just want to try it easily. Try our most delicious peanuts “Chiba Handachi” and “butter peanuts” from Chiba Prefecture with free shipping.

Access to Suzuichi Shop

We have tastings and other items that are not available in our online store, so please visit our actual store as well as our online store.

<Business Hours
Monday-Saturday 09:00-17:00
Closed: Sunday

Phone: 0438-22-2319 (Japanese Only)

<Available payment options>
●Credit Cards (VISA,Master,Discover,AmericanExpress,Diners,JCB)
●IC cards
●smartphone QR code payment (Alipay+,WeChatPay,Paypay,…)

Address: 1-5-19 Shinden, Kisarazu-shi, Chiba 292-0832

●8 minutes walk from “Kisarazu Station” of JR Uchibo Line
●About 15 minutes by car from “Kisarazu Kaneda IC”. There is a parking lot in front of the store.