Peanut macaroon ♡ [Valentine’s Day recipe]

For homemade Valentine’s Day treats, I recommend these cute little macaroons ◌𓈒𓐍
Since they are simply sandwiched with peanut cream as is, there is no need to make ganache and the work process is minimal🧑. ‍🍳
The crunchy texture, the aroma of peanuts and the gentle sweetness will fill your mouth with delight♥️


How to make peanut macarons


  • Powdered sugar (100% granulated sugar) … 40g
  • cocoa powder …5g
  • powdered peanuts …40g
  • Egg whites… (for 1 medium size egg)
  • Granulated sugar …30g
  • Peanut cream… Amount to taste

Step-by-step instructions


On a cookie sheet, draw 30 circles about 3 cm in diameter. After writing, turn the sheet over and place it on a baking sheet.

It is convenient to use plastic bottle caps for writing.

1.Sift cocoa powder and powdered sugar. After sifting, combine them with the powdered peanuts.


2.Beat the egg whites with a hand mixer.


3.When the mixture becomes white and frothy, add granulated sugar in two or three additions.

(The meringue is ready when it becomes shiny and glossy.)

4.Add a little bit of the mixture from (1.) above to the meringue and mix until the meringue is smooth and creamy.


5.Mix about 20 times, pressing the dough against the bottom and sides of the bowl to break up the meringue bubbles.

(This process is called macaronage.)

6.Put the dough into a squeeze bag and squeeze out according to the circle on the cookie sheet.


7.When finished squeezing, lightly tap the baking sheet from the bottom to release air from the dough.

Preheat the oven to 200℃.

8.Leave it to dry for 20 to 30 minutes.

(It is OK if the surface is so dry that it does not stick to the surface when touched with the fingers.)

9.After the oven has finished preheating, bake at 200°C for 3 minutes. Open the oven and check the baking condition of the dough.

If there is pie, it is OK.
*Pied is the part of ⭕️ that is created when the macaron dough is baked. (It means “foot” in French.)

10.Lower the oven temperature to 130°C and bake for 10 minutes.

When cooled, remove from the cookie sheet and finish with a handsome peanut cream sandwich.


Please store the macarons you made in the refrigerator ✨.

Points for making peanut macarons

Before making the meringue, check the hand mixer or bowl for oil or water.

Use fresh eggs as much as possible.

When making the meringue, I recommend using a hand mixer on high speed from the beginning to beat the meringue. (I was able to make meringue by whisking continuously for about 3 minutes while adding granulated sugar. ☺️)

I recommend using a *squeeze bag and a mouthpiece to squeeze out the macaroon dough nicely.

Here are the products used for making peanut macarons

Powdered peanuts from Chiba prefecture 40g
Creamy peanut butter 135g

It is mildly creamy without being too sweet, and is perfect for baking bread as well as pastries.

Click here for recommended peanut butter to put between macaroons.

Chiba Prefecture peanut paste “Grain

A fun, crunchy Chiba peanut butter filled with lots of peanut grains. This sweetened paste can be enjoyed by both children and adults with its gentle sweetness from sugar.

Recipe inspiration & postscript

Hello! This is Jibby, a staff member of Suzuichi Shoten. ☺️

The reason why I made peanut macarons was because I was so motivated to make cute sweets for Valentine’s Day this year ✊…so I made them with my daughter.
(I could only think of cute sweets -> macarons).

This was my first time making macarons, but it was easier than I thought it would be 💡.

(I wrapped them in cute wrapping for Valentine’s Day ♡)

By the way, I made these macaroons as a gift. I thought I was going to taste them, but I ate many of them. LOL!

I hope you will also wrap them cutely and give them to your loved ones and friends… (I think it is also cute to wrap each macaroon one by one ♡)


Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. ♥️

February 14 Postscript

Today is the long-awaited Valentine’s Day♡
I gave a chocolate peanut macaron to our store staff Sayapi🥰.

ハッピーさやぴーバレンタイン。💛 わーい! わーい! じびーから貰ったぜい♡ \Happy Valentine's Day/ ★ ★ \ピーナッツマカロン/ おい。見た目からして可愛すぎんか??笑 こういうのめっちゃツボ♥️ ...

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