Cooked rice with boiled peanuts [Seasonal recipes

Boiled peanuts are in season now! peanuts rice with “Satonoka”, a product made from freshly dug peanuts boiled in salted water. The soup stock is simple, using only white soup stock. This recipe is easy to make, yet can be a main dish by itself.


How to cook rice with boiled peanuts


  • 2 cups rice
  • 1 bag of boiled peanuts
  • 2 tablespoons white soup stock


1.Crack open the shell of boiled peanuts “Satonoka” and remove the contents.

2.Wash rice and drain. Pour in the white dashi first, and then add water to the level of 2 cups of rice cooker.

3. Add water and cook rice in normal mode. When the rice is finished cooking, give it a quick stir to finish.

Tips for making boiled peanut rice

If you prefer softer rice, adjust the amount of water as the peanuts absorb water.

The amount of peanuts cracked and peeled from the shell of boiled peanut Satonoka was about 130g.

Here are the products used for making boiled peanut cooked rice

Retort Boiled Peanuts “Satonoka”

Retort boiled peanuts “Satonoka,” a special variety of boiled peanuts produced in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, are boiled in salted water. They are so soft and tasty that even the elderly can enjoy them without worry.

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