Peanuts taste better frozen! Frozen peanut recommendations 🥜.

Frozen peanuts?

Yes. Frozen. LOL.
It makes it so much better!


Summer is the time of year when peanut consumption drops the most.

After all, you want something cold on a hot day, don’t you? I eat ice cream every day too. LOL!

And that’s when it hit me, Sayapi 💡.

Then, why not freeze peanuts too? 😏.

The result of eating it is shocking.

It was too delicious. LOL!

I can’t wait to share this shocking deliciousness with you.
I want you to try it as soon as possible.
I’ll quickly introduce it to you 🎵.

How to eat

Just put it in the refrigerator. Once cold, eat immediately without defrosting.

*Frozen in half a day to one day👌.

New texture

Peanuts have low water content so they do not become hard even when frozen👍.

Chilly & Crunchy♪

You’ll love it!


How does the taste change?

Bean confectionery → Easier to eat with less sweetness.

Roasted peanuts → The sweetness of peanuts is enhanced.



Please be careful if you have weak teeth.

Peanut butter, boiled peanuts, and raw peanuts are not suitable for freezing.

I gave Jibi a sample to try.

This expression (lol) is the face of “delicious~”. (lol)

I also recommend freezing in small portions: ✌️

By the way, I, Sayapi
I’m a fan of “Coffee Sugar Peanuts” and ” Dryed Miso Sugar Peanuts” 😁

And I, Sayapi, named this new way of eating “Frozen Peanuts “!

Just once. Try it anyway!!!

By Sayapi😁

A friend of mine had a funny episode 😊.
When she opened the freezer to cook dinner
I heard there was a peanut in there that I didn’t mean to put in. LOL!
Apparently, her daughter liked the frozen peanuts a lot.
She liked the frozen peanuts so much that she started freezing any kind of peanuts she could find.
She started to freeze any kind of peanuts. LOL!

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