New Year’s Greetings and Reopening of Business [2023].

Happy New Year! Thank you very much for visiting Suzuichi, a peanut specialty store. We will reopened today, January 4.

Last year, we were blessed with good weather and a bumper crop of peanuts in Chiba Prefecture, and we were able to harvest very high-quality peanuts. We are very happy to be able to deliver plump, large, and delicious peanuts to our customers again this year.

It was also a fruitful year for us as we took on new challenges to mark the 140th anniversary of our founding, including the launch of a new product, “peanut paste Shibu, Fuka, Tsubu,” and the renewal of our symbol mark.

This year, we will continue to take on challenges outside the norm and strive to deliver a better experience to our customers with the sound of teamwork played by the entire Suzuichi staff. We look forward to your continued patronage this year.

January 4, 2023
Suzuichi, a peanut specialty store
Representative Ryuta Suzuki

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Suzuichi, a peanut specialty store, was founded in 1882. It is located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, famous for its peanuts. We bring you real primary information from the peanut growing, manufacturing, and sales, from the field of peanut production!