Why don’t you give a special gift?


Are you ready for your year-end gift?

″Thank you for your support this year″
Why not send a year-end gift of new beans as a token of your appreciation?

We have a lineup of three varieties of peanuts with shells: “Chiba Hantate”, “Nakateyutaka”, and “Q Nattsu”.
Each has its own characteristics, such as taste and texture, and each has its own merits ✨
Among them, we recommend the peanut gift G set, which allows you to compare the tastes of the three varieties.

Click here to purchase the “New Peanuts” peanut gift G set 》.

There are also a variety of other gifts that include peanuts that have been peeled and slightly salted, butter peanuts, bean confections, and more.
We have selected products that will bring a smile to the recipient’s face and satisfy their appetite.

See the list of new peanut gifts 》

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