Where do the massive amounts of peanut shells go?

Delicious shelled peanuts!!! *Shells are peeled and the contents are crunchy.

Salted peanuts, peanuts butter, and the like are even easier because they’re shelled!

Popped the husk trash in the trash, thanks for the treat!

…stop for a second!

Peanuts that are no longer shelled when you buy them.

Peanuts are processed in various ways, such as salted, sugared, or made into peanut butter.

Where on earth did the peeled shells go?

The correct answer is…


Correct, piled up in the shelling plant!

About 2 meters high. There is still some more going on in the back.

Peanut shells are quite valuable for use as compost and animal food.

Peanut shells adsorb formaldehyde, which causes sick building syndrome, and have deodorizing effects. They are also used as bedding material in animal sheds for their deodorizing effect.

However, it is quite difficult to dispose of the large amount of shells by ourselves every year. This time we’ve decided to have them taken away by a company that uses them for animal bedding!

One thing to keep in mind when cleaning up the shells is dust.

Peanuts that are to be shelled do not wash their shells. (Shelled peanuts are clean because the shells are washed.)

This causes a considerable amount of dust because the sand adhering to the bumps on the peanut shells is still there.

So this blue sheet…So this blue sheet…

Cover the entire track as much as possible to prevent dust and sand.

Start working. If I don’t wear a mask, I’m going to get pneumonia.

This time we had to pick up a huge amount of peanut shells, nearly four and a half boxes about 1.5 meters on a side!

The unshelled peanuts that you get are actually very hard to clean up.

The last part of the production line is not this dirty, but the first part of the production line, including farm work, is usually like this.

Makeing peanuts are fighting sand!


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